>b>“Cultivating Love of the Land, Food and the Arts”  Silo’s Mission Statement>b>

"Cultivating Love of the Land. Food and the Arts"
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The Henderson Cultural Center is located on Hunt Hill Farm in New Milford, Connecticut. The heart of two historic farms, Hunt Hill Farm has seen activity for almost 300 years, but it has been the home of Ruth and Skitch Henderson since 1968.

These dedicated stewards established the nonprofit organization, Hunt Hill Farm Trust - an affiliate of the Smithsonian institution - to preserve their legacy.  Hunt Hill Farm is managed by an all volunteer board of directors,a professional staff and dedicated volunteers. It is comprised of:

The Skitch Henderson Museum
Offering a window on the life, career, and pursuits of Skitch Henderson, the museum houses the Skitch Henderson American Music Archive and carefully chosen pieces from the holdings of the Hunt Hill Farm Trust. Each piece accents one of the many aspects that made Mr. Henderson such an extraordinary individual.  It is truly a community jewel.

The Silo Gallery
Established in 1975, the gallery has a long tradition of promoting arts and artisanry regionally and nationally.  The Silo Gallery and Cultural Center is a champion for regional artists and craftsmen, with a following throughout New England and beyond.  It provides educational and professional performance opportunities and exhibition venues, not only for established artists, but for students and beginners as well. 

Housed in a converted hay barn, c.1800, and listed on the National Register of Historic Places, the gallery has 27-foot-high ceilings, exposed timbers and a famous view into the barnyard. 

The Gallery is the venue for numerous community and non-profit gatherings, including the annual Greater New Milford Chamber of Commerce holiday party, New Milford Hospital and Plow to Plate, historic societies, youth groups and neighborhood organizations.

Celebrating music, history and culture, The Silo Cultural Center offers a multiplicity of programs featuring established concert artists, lecturers of distinction, Smithsonian Fellows and New Talent performances.

The Hunt Hill Farm Land Preserve
In partnership with regional and state conservation groups and the Town of New Milford, the 130-acre Hunt Hill Farm Preserve has been permanently conserved as open space, woodland and active farmland, with public access.  Hunt Hill offers free guided hikes, tours of the historic buildings and grounds, and for families, a special place to relax and experience nature.  The ten associated historic buildings associated with this classic New England farm are all listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

The Silo Store and Cooking School
Opened in 1972, the store carries gourmet food items, gifts, high quality cooking supplies and autographed cookbooks.  The renowned Silo Cooking School emphasizes locally grown food, health and wellness, and celebrates the diversity of culinary cultures.  Our collaboration with area schools and organizations provides cooking classes for children, summer camps and educational programs.

Our impressive roster of instructors includes Sara Moulton, Rick Rodgers, Daniel Rosati, many more. They follow in the footsteps of Jacques Pepin, Rachel Ray, Giuliano Bugialli, Martha Stewart, and the many others who have taught here.  Private custom classes and corporate team-building are available!

A Message from Skitch Henderson

January 22, 2004

I have spent most of my natural life studying scores of the 18th and 19th century and maybe in some strange manner that has led me to the total intrigue and wonderment of the surroundings of this beautiful farm. In my senior years I realize how long it took me to look back at what is real and what should be preserved and kept in a reasonable state of restoration. The history of the buildings on this farm, the land, stone fences which are history unto themselves and the odds and ends of machinery that correspond to the landscape are to me a symphony of wonderment and joy.

We love this farm as a habitat but more importantly I look upon it as a preservation of a life that was, is and forever shall be.

I have spent a great deal of my life traveling hither and yon over the world. I have viewed many landscapes but there is something about this Yankee countryside along with the thistles and rocks that make it unique in my mind. I am hopeful it will stay for the next generation and the next and the next. I am a total fan.

Skitch Henderson

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