Preserving an American Treasure

Cultivating Love of the Land, Food and the Arts.
- Mission statement, Hunt Hill Farm Trust

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Protecting the Farm

Protection of the historic Hunt Hill Farm is a three-part plan to protect the farm and its historic farm structures. The first step of this program was completed in 2003 with the preservation of 83 acres of the Hunt Hill Farm by the Town of New Milford, the USDA, CT DEP, the Trust for Public Land, and the Weantinoge Heritage land trust.

The Town of New Milford now owns an 83-acre portion of the Hunt Hill Farm, which is managed as a town open space and active farmland.

The protection of the next 44-acre portion of Hunt Hill Farm was the second part of the Hunt Hill Farm preservation program and was completed in 2006.

The third and final part of this program is to preserve the cluster of historic farm structures at the heart of the Hunt Hill Farm on Upland Road and to develop this historic farm as a cultural education center and museum. Two of the buildings were turned over to the Trust in 2005.

Hunt Hill Farm was a part of the historic Bostwick Farm, which has been farmed continuously since the 1700s. Hunt Hill Farm’s ten farm buildings include two 1830s houses, an 1860 farm worker’s cottage, two large dairy barns with added silos, a tobacco barn, chicken coops, stables, and several smaller barns. The integrity of the entire farm building complex and the interrelationship with the surrounding active farmland, stonewalls, and woodlands make this particular site a unique historical resource.

The Hunt Hill Farm is an exemplary property that illustrates the history of land use of New England farms. Stonewalls border the fields and occur throughout the forest, and an old foundation is present in the Southeast corner of the upper cornfields. The mix of successive stages of active fields, old fields, and forests with different age classes show the landscape history of New England.

The Hendersons bought the 44-acre portion of Bostwick Farm in 1970 and have restored the original farmstead and outbuildings and have continuously farmed the property.

Hunt Hill Farm is also part of an active agricultural community in New Milford. As previously mentioned, the Farm is part of a 523-acre greenway, which includes three other permanently protected and active farms.

Hunt Hill Farm is rapidly developing as an important cultural and education center under the aegis of the Hunt Hill Farm Trust. The Trust has established an affiliation with the Smithsonian Institution, which has selected the Hunt Hill Farm as a site to display and share materials which were previously available only at the Smithsonian Institute in Washington, D.C. 

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